Our Team

Steven Rudiger
Managing Director - Steven Rudiger
Steve and his wife Paula together with Roger and Margaret Williams,
own Mennonite Press Inc.
(316) 283-3060 x112
Karen Siemens
Customer Service Representative / Delivery Dispatcher - Karen Siemens
Karen coordinates your jobs while in process and can answer your questions about schedule and delivery.
(316) 283-3060 x111
Michael Wedel
Customer Service Representative / Estimator / Job Planner - Michael Wedel
Mike helps plan a job to your best advantage using our data collection and electronic estimating system.
(316) 283-3060 x113
Gwen Horn
Customer Service Representative - Gwen Horn
Gwen is the friendly voice that answers the phone. If she doesn't have the answer you need, then she knows where to go to get it.
(316) 283-3060 x100
Dwight Voth
Printing Consultant - Dwight Voth
Dwight's background in printing production/management with non-profit organizations enables him to help you plan your printing efficiently.
(316) 283-3060 x114
Gina Laiso
Printing Consultant - Gina Laiso
As a graphic designer for over 25 years, Gina is skilled in precision color/layout and has a passion to see your print project come to life.
(316) 283-3060 x123
Mark Young
Prepress Technician - Mark Young
Mark takes your supplied files and incorporates them into layouts for proofing and plating. With Marks 30+ years of experience, and eye for color matching you can be assured of a great looking job.
(316) 283-3060 x115
Mike Crocker
Physical Plant / IT Manager / Accountant / Human Resources - Michael Crocker
Mike works behind the scenes filling many shoes. A few of his responsibilities are managing our information and technology systems, all of our payables, receivables, and payroll, parts & supply purchasing, overseeing machine & building repairs, generally keeping everything up to date and in tip top order.
(316) 283-3060 x131